What appreciative dream clients are saying:

"Lael Gold's work is vital to anyone who wants to lead a fully productive life because she is uniquely qualified to interpret the language of our dreams. Her extensive knowledge of the humanities and her gift for the discernment of meaningful patterns and interpretation of symbols, combined with her uncanny intuition, make her an exceptional counselor. Her singular gifts have had a profound effect on my life."  
--Duncan North, creator of the Sundance award-winning film The Tao of Steve 

gut instinct led me to Lael when I was facing difficult life decisions.  It was immediately clear that such decisions were best entrusted to my unconscious.  Once I invited my dreams to speak to me, and invited Lael to guide me through them, I was flooded by night after night of memorable dreams full of powerful symbolism.  Her insights into possible meanings, which came like quick silver, were offered with grace, wisdom, humor, and humility.  And they were right on!  In a short time, I had a way forward.  It was a path I’d been too scared to consider previously, but courage comes in the night. 
Postscript:  Time has passed, and there’s been no question in my mind that I made the right decisions.  Also, there were beautiful ripples of synchronicity that flowed as I worked with Lael.… not only for me, but for friends who welcomed the reminder --Katrina Browne, filmmaker & nonprofit executive, director & writer of PBS POV documentary Traces of the Trade 

"I couldn't be happier with my dream session and class with Lael.  She is a warm, witty and wise guide into the dream world.  She created an intimate, safe and playful space for her class, which made it effortless to dive deep into meaning, symbols, and emotions that I wouldn't typically explore on my own, let alone share with a group of people.  Her wonderful balance of scholarly knowledge and spiritual connection kept me grounded yet expansive.  It was great fun and profound."    

--Yun Suh, director of award-winning documentary City of Borders 


"Thanks for a wonderful session today by phone. You are a gifted healer and a true channel for beauty and peace...brilliant, a complete healing experience."      

--Sara Gottfried, M.D., bestselling author of The Hormone Cure  

"The clarity Lael has brought me through her dream interpretations has been absolutely invaluable.  She showed me, for instance, how a dream I'd thought of in relation to a particular writing project actually had a much wider scope.  Her advice on how to work with its images and the information it contained helped me to see beyond ingrained habits of thought about myself and my place in the world. As someone who rarely remembers dreams, I appreciate Lael's techniques for dream incubation and recall as well."
--Steve Gilmartin, editor and poet, author of Comes up to Face the Skies 

"I went to see Lael originally at the suggestion of a friend.  I arrived at my first session with a skeptical but open mindset, as I have always felt dreams were important but not had a way to concretely work with them. Lael’s intuition, intelligence and humor immediately put me at ease. Her amazing knowledge of symbols and historical references gave me so much more to work with in thinking about dreams. She was able to compassionately give guidance on ways to integrate and work with dreams. This truly had a positive effect on my waking life. Things actually changed as a result!  Later I decided to enroll in Lael’s Dreams and Dreaming class after being so impressed with the individual work.  I loved this class!  Not only did I learn many tools for working with dreams and creativity, but I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time." 
--Sarah Kurtz, video editor
"I never seriously considered consulting a 'dream advisor' even though I have had very powerful dreams that I know hold much information for me. Then recently, I had a lucid dream experience, and it was so ecstatic. I knew I needed to start looking more seriously at all of my dreams, not just the infrequent lucid ones. I found Lael and could not have been more pleased (and surprised) at how helpful having someone else to work through my dreams with could be.
Lael is a lovely and warm person, whose sincerity and generosity of spirit pervade her advice and suggestions. She worked with me through one of my most powerful dreams that I had over three years ago, and even though I had done so much thinking and processing myself, Lael gave me new things to consider and different lenses through which to view the dream.  After that session, I know that I will go back to work with Lael when I have other dreams that strike me as needing further investigation.  I would not hesitate recommending Lael for her dreamwork advice."
--Stephanie B., Berkeley, CA

What dream class graduates and workshop participants are saying:

"Lael Gold, Ph.D. has a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines which she combines with caring intuition and a willingness to research, play and explore.  All this is melded into a thoroughly creative, engaging, and insightful course that drew me in completely to both the class and my dream-life.  While all this is amazing enough, what make Lael and her class 'out of this world' are both her ability to inspire one's own attention, action, and belief in oneself and her ability to make you laugh spontaneously and fully!  Her experiences, both personal and professional, and her skill as a guide over sometimes murky dream terrain give anyone in her presence an adrenalin shot of willingness to discover, explore, nurture, respect and listen to their inner wisdom.  The class materials that she created are gold-nuggets of thought and, at times, very poetic prose that I will return to again and again to keep me centered and grounded in my life's true path. Thank you, Lael, for sharing your deeply honest gifts with us and supporting our relationships with our smartest selves.  I wish the class could be an ongoing one."

--Roya Arasteh, pilates studio owner

"I highly recommend this class with Lael.  It's a fabulous journey!"

--Peggy Judge, graphic designer

"I am grateful for this amazing class!  Just like a dream, there is so much to it.  I loved and benefited from all Lael's wisdom, not only about dreams, but about boundaries, shamanism and mysticism as well.  Lael is such a lovely person.  She is able to gently activate a dream life in those who imagine they don't dream.  Her lively sense of humor makes each class a joy."

--E.B., artist, Marin County, CA

"I can't recommend Lael's dream workshops highly enough. She is such an erudite, passionate, funny, and profound respondent, and your own dreams - even small fragments - will sing to you if you let her (and the other workshop members) share them. It's like if psychoanalysis was kind and generous and optimistic. It's also like a really smart, lively literature class, where the topic is (finally!!) you!"

--Jane Glaubman, poet and academic 

"Lael’s Dreams and Dreaming workshop is an amazing class. Every session, we interpreted each other’s dreams and did exercises designed to help us access our dreams more fully. I got very practical guidance from my dreams. Even more importantly, however, the class reinvigorated my creativity and reminded me about what’s important in life: to show up fully, push at my comfort zone, take risks, and enjoy the present moment. All sorts of professional and creative opportunities are now showing up in my life thanks to Lael’s class. I loved every minute of it and recommend it highly to anyone seeking to change their life or just learn more about the rich and fascinating world of dreams."

--Julie Anderson, Ph.D.,faculty, College Preparatory Schoo faculty, College Preparatory School

In the Productive Slumber dream course, I wove disowned parts of my psyche back into my soul and experienced a surge of creativity.    Guided by the wisdom of my dreams I am now learning to play the guitar! I have taken many dream classes and this has been my favorite for the masterful way Lael incorporates her original thinking with the best dream work teachings. I have more of me available for my life now.  I am so grateful to have experienced this magical course that has re-enchanted my life in myriad ways.
--Samantha Catalina Sinclair, Creativity Coach, Creatrix Studios

"I got just what I wanted out of the class -- a better sense of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and how I really felt about things. I feel like my dreams are a resource for me now, as I live my life and make decisions going forward. But most of all, the class was really fun! Monday nights were the highlight of my week. Lael created a safe, supportive, fascinating and really enjoyable environment every week. I was sorry the class had to end."

--anon. writer and writing teacher, Berkeley, CA

"This class is for those who have a creative life.  Or a personal life.  Or who forgot they wanted to have one but then remembered again.  There is an area of dark matter in the universe, and if you fly there with Lael Gold, she will lead you through a wormhole to your subconscious where your creative life is bubbling away.  Lael is one of a kind, and you owe it to yourself to experience her."                        --Susan Nordmark, writer, Berkeley, CA

"Lael Gold's  productive slumber dream class validated, in a way  that I had not previously experienced, that my dreams are accurate assessors, predictors, therapists, creative muses and, most importantly, they speak to us when we have not yet brought some thought to consciousness.  Life is a lot easier when you realize you can rely on the accurate information provided during your time of least vigilance.   During the period of the dream class I saw myself making decisions differently and acting differently; I anticipate this will continue to as I access my dreams with this consciousness."

What Night Muse writers are saying:

"Night Muse is an awesome class that never gets old.  I really appreciate the way Lael integrates traditional narrative forms and critique with weird, surreal content.  The class had a huge impact on my writing.  By recording my dreams and then having a chance to discusss them, I found my writing voice loosening and becoming more relaxed and authentic in my non-dream writing." 

"Night Muse is a fabulous class that helped motivate me to get back to my memoir.  I would highly recommend that others take it.  Lael is really an amazing teacher."     --Monica Haywood, Teacher at Albany Unified School District

"When you have a great dream, you want to tell someone about it because it is so juicy or scary, crazy or telling. Most people don’t want to hear it. What a gift it is to have someone who will not only listen, but will help you to make your dreams a useful part of your life. Lael gave me so many tools for using my dreams both to open up my writing and to challenge me in my life. The exercises Lael developed are original and provocative. The trust she is able to create between participants is amazing. I was uncertain about taking a phone class but I will do it again soon."                                                                         --Elisabeth Durard Keller, Santa Fe, New Mexico

How did this class impact your writing practice?  "This class really helped. The dreams I had during the class period so often felt like answers to questions I didn't even know I had about my relationship to writing.  I feel a lot less stuck." Did this class impact any other parts of your life?  "YES!  Here's one direct way:  because of a dream I had, and the discussion of it, I am going back to my personal trainer after a lag of 3 years." What would you say to a friend interested in taking this class?  "TAKE IT.  Even if you don't exactly know why you are taking it or what you will get out of it, take it. Working with the subconscious so directly is not only fascinating, it also can be more effective than years of therapy."

                                                                                                            --Erika Lutz, author of The Edge of Maybe


 "The Night Muse classes are an amazing way to get deeper into your writing process. They combine dreams and writing in a way that helps you access more of the unconscious motivations in your writing and uncover more layers in your prose. It’s great for rewriting, as the exercises allow you to go back into your work and work with it from different angles, perspectives, moods. In the same way that a dream can help you to uncover what is going on in your conscious life, the class can help you uncover what is going on in your writing and allow you to go deeper into the story. Sometimes after taking Lael’s class your get confused if you are dreaming or awake or writing, and that’s a good thing. Ideally you would just write your whole book in one long dream."  

What Lael is saying:

"I am delighted and thrilled to be helping people in this way and liberating myself in the process!"