Question: What’s worse than false hope?

Answer: False despair.


"When I was gravely ill with late-stage (4b) cervical cancer, Lael Gold's presence and counsel were a tremendous gift that I am convinced contributed to my healing."
--Ellen MacDonald, vocalist & choir director

Are you struggling with a health challenge? Might you benefit from support in tuning in to what your body is trying to tell you and also in instituting practices that prompt and allow healing? If so, please consider contacting me. Sometimes encounters with doctors, however well-intentioned, lead to feelings of discouragement and even despair. I offer support and guidance to those suffering from injuries and ailments not readily remedied by conventional means.

To schedule a free consultation or just to learn more, please contact me, Lael Gold, Ph.D., at either 510-883-9932 or Clients needn't be local.

Our bodies know more about their own needs and situations than most of us realize, and dreams along with other forms of intuition can provide amazingly targeted and effective prescriptive and diagnostic information, what some might call "a second-to-none  opinion." 

Healing is possible.
I am living proof and so is Ellen MacDonald
and so, if you think about it, are you.

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