A few client and student dreams that they felt directly related to and reflected upon their Productive Slumber experience:

Last night I dreamed Lael was a senior manager in a small think tank - I don't remember what the subject matter was, except that it was something about consciousness or society in some deep sense. An odd thing is that it had dirt floors, and in fact Lael's "office" was on a hillside and it was a little tricky to get down the path to her desk.

I was there as a contractor or new hire, to write articles of some sort.

The most interesting thing is that Lael gave me a mind-expanding contact lens. When I put it into my eye, at first I couldn't see anything out of that eye, but my sense of hearing became very acute. Then my vision came back and I found myself very present and seeing people around me more deeply than before. Everyone was fascinating.

--Thea Kelley's dream, June 2014

I dreamed that just as I was making a beautiful Thank You card for Lael, I came across plans for a small cathedral.

--Roya Arasteh's dream, January 2013

If you've worked with Lael and have a dream you'd like to share with her and perhaps more widely, please email it to her at laelgold@gmail.com.  We dream for one another all the time, and she so appreciates the help and encouragement these student/client dreams have provided.