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Dreaming Themselves Free: Productive Slumber's Captive Audience

Since 2008, Productive Slumber has brought information on dreaming into juvenile detention facilities in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.  Dream instruction helps incarcerated young people recognize their capacity for the sort of inner awareness that transforms outer circumstances.  After learning about the crucial and persistent role of dreaming in Harriet Tubman's wildly successful mission to liberate herself and many others from slavery, prisoners ages twelve to seventeen answer questions designed to help them tap into the loving guidance available to them in their own dreams.  Another historical example, a dream that saved the life of the young man who later became the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, leads to reflection on their own experiences with violence and on the life-preserving and life-changing potentialities of intuition and imagination.  Productive Slumber encourages all children, teens and adults, wherever they find themselves, to value and cultivate their connection to their own knowing--an inviolable and inalienable connection that no number of locks or metal bars can disrupt.