Transmute Resentment and Regret into Audacity and Positive Aggression: The Universe Loves Your Power!!!

Forgiving the Divine Masculine

A Dreams and Healing Workshop for Women
& Crucial Step in the Emergence of the Divine Feminine

For the sake of your own abundance, joy, peace, well-being and freedom, make peace with
the Dude in the Sky and with all of the dudes on earth as well!

"After taking Lael's workshop Forgiving the Divine Masculine,I received a new found sense of peace and contentment in my life. I had been spending a lot of time searching for a romantic partner and companion. I had experienced a lot of heartbreak, rejection, and disappointment. After taking the workshop, I was able to let go of this wanting and live in the moment of being content with my life and all I had in it. I stopped looking and searching for what I did not have and became grateful for what I did have. Now I am allowing a partner to come into my life with ease and flow, and if one does not come then I will be ok with that too. I am content and at peace with whatever will happen. I am grateful to Lael for this workshop as it really has helped me to be in a more positive and loving space in my life" 

                                --Tara Acevedo, Founder,


* Integrate more Yang energy into your life. (Embrace your masculine side to become more active, decisive and potent!)

* Harmonize your relationships with the men in your life. 

* Attract more clients to your business. (Even if women are your niche, resentments, all resentments, are client repellents. Use dreams, creativity and sisterly support to open the abundant earning floodgates that much WIDER!!!)

* Allow more freedom, flow and depositing you squarely in the current of life! 

* Ratchet up your P.Q. (peace and playfulness quotient!)!! 

* Help you--as a mother, aunt, teacher or friend--avoid saddling children and young people in your life with negativity, whether conscious or unconscious, about their own or the opposite sex. (By esteeming and honoring ourselves and others more fully, we help them to do the same.)

* Improve your sex life with partners of either gender. (Okay, I just threw this in, but doesn't that seem a likely outcome? Wouldn't more freedom from feelings of bitterness and unworthiness make us better givers and bed?!? I think so.)

"Forgiveness is not so much about our past as it is about our future." 
--Andriette Earl

In this workshop, dream work and exercises involving different expressive media will assist us in unearthing and releasing buried, self-limiting resentments at God the Father, however each of us might have internalized that construct, and also at all men currently or formerly in our lives, institutions we may identify as male and male energy in general. To be clear, we do this work of forgiving for our own benefit and liberation--not to be better or nicer but to be happier and more free.

This workshop topic came to me from a very deep place. Indeed, it initially emerged and continues to emerge straight out of my own and my clients' dreams. Its aim is to transform a deep-seated sense of unworthiness that many of us carry around and that shows up in different ways, none of them particularly happy.

There is no healer or liberator more powerful than forgiveness, but ,like other revolutionary actions, forgiveness can go awry. If we've ever acted as self-aggressors, sometimes via subtle forms of self-abuse or self-neglect, the cause was likely either insufficient or insufficiently authentic forgiveness--forgiving not at all or from too superficial a place. Sometimes religion and spirituality have played a role: when we forgive in order to live up to spiritual ideals rather than follow the dictates of our Deeper Being--when forgiveness is about being "good" or "correct" rather than about being true and free--we risk turning our
hostility inward, displacing it onto ourselves. Forgiving the Divine Masculine workshop participants will transmute the toxic negativity of resentment into the life-giving twin forces of audacity and positive
aggression in support of ever fuller and ever more joyful self-expression.  By learning and practicing tools for authentic forgiveness, participants realize how very much and how very passionately the Universe loves their power!!!

If any of the above intrigues or perhaps calls out to you, I hope you will join us. If you are curious and want to know more, please feel free to call me at 510-883-9932. To register, send a check made out to "Lael Gold" along with your contact info to the address listed below.