Night Muse: Deep Dreaming for Writers 

Let there be night.

Many writers experience the practice of their craft, at its most satisfying moments, as a sort of waking dream.  And so it is.  As science has shown, we are dreaming awake.   What’s more, the stuff of dreams is also the stuff of poetry and fiction, the stuff, indeed, of all the creative arts.  Their richly suggestive if unexpected recombinations and marvelously apt, nonlinear associations re-form patterns and perceptions brilliantly, with unaccountable wit.  Whether or not we remember them, the creative wellsprings that are our dreams flow freely each and every night, offering up—along with guidance and insight—potential material in abundance. Night Muse helps writers access and utilize this material. It also enlists the dreaming mind and conscious imagination to topple unconscious barriers to increased writerly satisfaction and success, blocks made all too visible by the distance they maintain between where we are as writers—whether in terms of the work itself or of publication, readership, sales, representation, etc.—and where we wish to be.

Writers, connect to the deep rhythm and deep narration that undergird your waking hours to infuse new life and new depth into all that you write (and very likely to emerge a more clarified, energized, amazed and delighted protagonist in the story you are living as well).  In this lively, experimental dream and writing workshop, we will connect with our dreams and we will write.  We will take fascinating journeys to the interior, bringing back, as much as possible, just the riches our art and our lives require.

By circumventing the conscious mind, nighttime dreams help writers… 

  • dissolve writer’s block and disperse writing doldrums
  • connect unforgettably with their readers
  • increase their familiarity and facility with the distinctive inflection, rhythms and curiosities of their own voice
  • work from a place of fearless, joyful ambition 
  • free themselves from painful competition with other writers 
  • overcome self-imposed limitations
  • slip free--temporarily or permanently, as preferred--from the tyrannies of the marketplace.  

Together, we will...

  • revel in the power of authorship
  • claim and exercise authorial dominion off the page as well  as on
  • clear out and widen our creative channel through which ideas and language flow
  • experiment with language and story along with other aspects of literary creation in an atmosphere of deep connection 
  • ally ourselves with cosmic collaborators, intellectual ancestors and editors in the ether!
  • play


Lael Gold, Productive Slumber’s founder and the teacher and leader of Night Muse, is a writer herself who holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from U.C. Berkeley where she taught creative writing, literature and film courses for over eight years.  More recently, she has led dream classes and workshops internationally and locally and worked one-on-one with writers, filmmakers and other clients.

Six ___ evenings beginning ___. (TBA) 
(For information on the Night Muse Distance Teleclass class, click HERE.)

WHERE:  Lael's home near the Elmwood neighborhood in Berkeley. (PLEASE NOTE:  There is a cat on the premises.)

WHEN:   6:30pm-8:30pm for six Mondays beginning July 13.

What former Night Muse students are saying:

"Night Muse is an awesome class that never gets old.  I really appreciate the way Lael integrates traditional narrative forms and critique with weird, surreal content. The class had a huge impact on my writing.  By recording my dreams and then having a chance to discusss them, I found my writing voice loosening and becoming more relaxed and authentic in my non-dream writing."        --Kate Rix, Journalist and Blogger

"Night Muse is a fabulous class that helped motivate me to get back to my memoir.  I would highly recommend that others take it.  Lael is really an amazing teacher."
--Monica Haywood, Teacher at Albany Unified School District

When you have a great dream, you want to tell someone about it because it is so juicy or scary, crazy or telling. Most people don’t want to hear it. What a gift it is to have someone who will not only listen, but will help you to make your dreams a useful part of your life. Lael gave me so many tools for using my dreams both to open up my writing and to challenge me in my life. The exercises Lael developed are original and provocative. The trust she is able to create between participants is amazing.  I was uncertain about taking a phone class but I will do it again soon. 
                             -Elisabeth Durard Keller, Teacher, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Night Muse classes are an amazing way to get deeper into your writing process.  They combine dreams and writing in a way that helps you access more of the unconscious motivations in your writing and uncover more layers in your prose.  It's great for rewriting, as the exercises allow you to go back into your work and work with it from different angles, perspectives, moods.  In the same way that a dream can help you to uncover what is going on in your conscious life, the class can help you uncover what is going on in your writing and allow you to go deeper into the story.  Sometimes after taking Lael's class you get confused if you are dreaming or awake or writing, and that's a good thing.  Ideally you would just write your whole book in one long dream!     -Jenny Bitner, Writer & Writing Teacher, San Francisco Writers Grotto 

What former Productive Slumber dream class students are saying:

"I can't recommend Lael's dream workshops highly enough. She is such an erudite, passionate, funny, and profound respondent, and your own dreams - even small fragments - will sing to you if you let her (and the other workshop members) share them. It's like if psychoanalysis was kind and generous and optimistic. It's also like a really smart, lively literature class, where the topic is (finally!!) you!"

 --Jane Glaubman, poet and graduate student

"Lael Gold, Ph.D. has a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines which she combines with caring intuition and a willingness to research, play and explore. All this is melded into a thoroughly creative, engaging, and insightful course that drew me in completely to both the class and my dream-life. While all this is amazing enough, what make Lael and her class 'out of this world' are both her ability to inspire one's own attention, action, and belief in oneself and her ability to make you laugh spontaneously and fully! Her experiences, both personal and professional, and her skill as a guide over sometimes murky dream terrain give anyone in her presence an adrenalin shot of willingness to discover, explore, nurture, respect and listen to their inner wisdom. The class materials that she created are gold-nuggets of thought and, at times, very poetic prose that I will return to again and again to keep me centered and grounded in my life's true path. Thank you, Lael, for sharing your deeply honest gifts with us and supporting our relationships with our smartest selves. I wish the class could be an ongoing one."
--Roya Arasteh, pilates studio owner

"I got just what I wanted out of the class -- a better sense of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and how I really felt about things. I feel like my dreams are a resource for me now, as I live my life and make decisions going forward. But most of all, the class was really fun! Monday nights were the highlight of my week. Lael created a safe, supportive, fascinating and really enjoyable environment every week. I was sorry the class had to end."
-- anon. writer and writing teacher


Class meets  TBA.

Course Tuition: $310 if paid in full before ___; $350 thereafter. (Class starts ___)

All payments are non-refundable.

 Classes have very limited enrollment and are likely to fill early.  

Your payment may be made by either Paypal (takes credit cards) or check:

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Mail check made out to "Lael Gold"  for the amount due to:
 Lael Gold, Ph.D., 2639 College Ave., Apt. 1, Berkeley, CA  94704. 
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