Productive Slumber Dreams and Dream Classes


Dreams and the Body

We will explore ways to collaborate with our unconscious on the care of our physical form. Rather than a pleasurable practice of self-love and nurture, for many, choices related to food, health and exercise are internalized battles, skirmishes of resistance and judgment fueled by standards originating outside of the self. We will practice using dreams to deepen our appreciation for our bodies as they are, tune into the next right steps in their care and discover practices to optimize well-being.  

Dreaming our Vision

Whether already succeeding in a satisfying career or feeling unclear and stuck with regard to employment, students will learn ways their dreams can reveal new possibilities and ease work-related transitions.  When we pay attention, dreams can also aid us in identifying and realizing our life’s purpose.  However enormous or unlikely they initially may seem, ambitions that emerge from the depths of our being (whether through dreams or other forms of intuition) are realistic and realizable.  Dreams wonderfully embolden.  Sometimes startling us into new awareness, they tell a tale of hopeful possibility in which our most authentic, joyful and useful paths are one.

Nightmare Hospitality
Horrifying dream images we may wish to forget often contain the most powerful gifts of all.  Nightmare hospitality is inviting our shadow to the party.  Doing so—welcoming and attending to our darker impulses as expressed in dreams—frees up immense amounts of energy.  Dreamers who meet their demons head-on carry new-found courage into waking life.  Put simply, facing rather than running from our fears always expands our awareness of our true selves and inevitably boosts vitality and delight!  

Dreaming our Ancestors, Dreaming the Dead
By way of dreaming and dream-related exercises, students will practice drawing on the immense love and wisdom of the intense, often unacknowledged presences in their lives that are their ancestors.  They will learn simultaneously to make healthy, self-honoring boundaries with these same forebears. 

Muses on the Night Shift
Whatever their creative leanings or preferred expressive media, students will practice opening themselves to inspiration or sometimes very specific artistic direction that wells up from deep within, revealing itself in dreams.  For students more interested in non-artistic pursuits, these exercises and concepts are easily adapted to other activities such as sports, travel, parenting, mechanics, academic study, social action, etc. 

Dream Relationships 

We will explore dreaming as a means of achieving increased integrity, connection and harmony in relation to others and to ourselves as well.  We will consider how dreams may invite or ease the sometimes tender, seemingly threatening work of forgiveness so essential to our own well-being.  Encountering others—often our nearest and dearest—in the dream realm can allow even the most prickly, complicated, stuck and painful of relationships to express lovingly; for, in dreams, we willingly relinquish the self-protective armor we cling to in waking life.  Also, by revealing an individual's essence, our dreams can help us replace unrealistic expectations with acceptance, compassion, appreciation and respect.  

What former students are saying: 

"I loved it!  The materials were so rich."

  --Sue Johnson of Sue Johnson's Custom Lamps on Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA

"I highly recommend this class with Lael.  It's a fabulous journey!"
  --Peggy Judge, graphic designer, Berkeley, CA

"I got just what I wanted out of the class -- a better sense of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and how I really felt about things.  I feel like my dreams are a resource for me now, as I live my life and make decisions going forward.  But most of all, the class was really fun!  Monday nights were the highlight of my week.  Lael created a safe, supportive, fascinating and really enjoyable environment every week. I was sorry the class had to end.
  -- anonymous (but very real!) former student, Berkeley, CA