Living Lucid

Productive Slumber's Ongoing Dream Groups

In a festive and often very jovial spirit, participants  in these  ongoing groups go deep with their dreams, working with dream material in ways that heal and fascinate both.  No prior experience is required to join a Living Lucid group, but space is quite limited. (Groups are intentionally intimate, with just three members, to allow every participant to have a dream discussed in depth in every meeting.)
Contact Lael for a current group schedule and for payment information.  (If all the groups are full, you can request to be placed on a waiting list and notified as openings occur.) 

Whereas lucid dreaming is about becoming more mindful and aware in the dream state, lucid living is about becoming more mindful and aware--and therefore more free--in the waking state.  Just as darkness and denial breed what we don’t want, so lucidity and clarity breed what we do. There is the story that our conscious, conditioned minds are telling us moment by moment, day in and day out, and then there is the much larger story that our Higher Self or unconscious mind is trying to tell. Dreams both turn us on to this bigger story and also drop breadcrumbs of practical guidance along the way.

When done right,
intimate group encounter with the precious material bestowed on us in dreams engages u
s more fully in our waking lives.  While
Living Lucid is not centered around the practice of lucid dreaming, participants will consider how both "regular" dreams and the concept and practice of lucid dreaming can bleed through from sleeping to waking and back again, increasing our agency, well being and sense of freedom in both realms. 

"I can't recommend Lael's dream workshops highly enough. She's so smart and imaginative, and so much kinder to you than you would ever dream (get it) of being to yourself."
--New York Productive Slumber workshop participant Jane Glaubman

Many more testimonials can be found here.

BONUSIf you join, you will receive an mp3 recording of each meeting which is yours to keep in case you miss a live call or just wish to revisit it later for your edification and enjoyment! (It's okay if you have to miss a call!  What's more, the recordings make it possible to have your dream discussed in absentia, if you wish.) Members report making good use of these recordings and finding them quite useful.