Maui Workshop

Unfazed: A 3-day, Moon-centric

Dream & Astrology Workshop

With Dreamworker Lael Gold, Ph.D. & Astrologer Michie McConnell  

of and Michie McConnell Astrology, respectively.


The moon has been whispering to you always. Discover what she has been saying.


Magnetizer of tides, the moon has been drawing you forth since you were in the womb. Ruler of your intuition, she offers mostly gentle guidance and sometimes an emphatic nudge. It’s no surprise that the moon makes herself most visible at the time of day when you close your eyes in sleep; dreams are her co-conspirators.

Learn to better ride the wave of your authentic being

that has been gathering energy for lifetimes


Join with us over three days in Maui to receive:


  • A moon-based, targeted astrological reading illuminating

    • your life's central lesson that you came here to learn

    • where you tend to get stuck

    • how best for you to release your own self-defeating patterns.


  • Dreamwork to help you

    • receive guidance, healing & love from the deepest part of your being

    • enjoy greater freedom and connectedness


Come dream beneath the tropical full moon!

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Lael Gold, Productive Slumber’s founder, is also a comedian and writer who holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from U.C. Berkeley where she taught creative writing, literature and film courses for over eight years.  More recently, she has led dream classes and workshops internationally and locally and worked one-on-one with writers, filmmakers and other clients.  More about Lael here. here.

Michie Mcconnell is a 18-year practitioner of evolutionary astrology, a non-deterministic branch of the field resting on the notion that the birth chart reflects the evolutionary intentions of the soul for the present life and reveals information about a karmic past. Michie apprenticed with world renowned author of several astrology classics including The Inner Sky, Steven Forrest.   She holds a BA in religion from Princeton University and currently resides on the beautiful island of Maui.