Something reaches out to you from darkness.  It tugs at your shirttail.  It taps on your shoulder with an irregular beat.  Conditioned by tales of horror, you may shrink from revelations
that emerge from shadowy places.  When in a new found spirit of adventure or perhaps out of curiosity, desperation, or some unnamed hunger, you turn toward rather than away from this inner insistence, you discover new sources of illumination. Only inspiration is tugging, only love is tapping...
Only Dreamers Awaken.

Whether you realize it or not, you count among your most generous and loyal friends the world's greatest and best connected healer, headhunter, realtor, researcher, financial adviser, career counselor, psychic, matchmaker, muse, business guru and artistic collaborator.  The source of your nighttime dreams, your unconscious, comprises all of these and more.  Be a generous receiver and let your dreams help you out.  Accept the gifts of clarity, healing and wisdom they wish to bestow. 

Lael Gold, Ph.D. 
provides dream-based counsel to clients worldwide along with dream classes, workshops and teleseminars. Working from her own intuition
and her skills as a dream decoder, she turns up the volume on her clients' and students'  connection to the unerring inner guidance that urges them on toward wholeness.  Lael's singular gifts as a dream interpreter and counselor have helped individuals facing specific, practical health, career and relationship decisions as well.  Deeper Being, Soul, Spirit, Atman, Intuition, Self, whatever we call it, there is an aspect of ourselves that connects us to the whole of life. As we attend and respond to its promptings, we begin living more authentically, from the inside out. Moving freely and joyfully in the world, we begin living the life of our dreams.

Specialties:  All those suffering from ailments and injuries not readily remedied by conventional means.  Also, intellectuals seeking to live more intuitively; artists wishing to reconnect with inspiration that wells up ceaselessly from within; anyone desiring, after deep dives through exhilarating waters, to resurface triumphantly in breathless delight with precious, long-lost treasures in hand.